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Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healing. Properly trained herbalists harness the healing energy in plants to support patients in their personal health journeys.

The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists was founded to represent the practice of western herbalism in Ireland. Ireland boasts a proud and long tradition of herbal medicine. It is the intention of the Association to foster public awareness of this and to ensure high standards of practice and education within the profession.

The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists is affiliated to the European Herbal Traditional Practitioners Association (EHTPA), which represents herbal practitioners of all traditions throughout Europe.

The Tradition

The tradition of Master Herbalism is based on the life's work of the world renowned herbalist Dr. John Ray Christopher. Dr. Christopher is perhaps the most respected herbalist of modern times. His extraordinary results with herbal medicine are due in part to his emphasis on dietary detoxification based on a vegan and mostly living food diet.

In his practice Dr. Christopher also placed great emphasis on the spiritual nature of people and the centrality of emotions and thinking in the healing process. His work embodies the spirit of Physiomedicalists who preceded him.

The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists seeks to preserve and share these principles of healing.

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