Dee Lynch

About Dee

Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritionalist, International Chef, Yoga Teacher.

Graduated from Core College [The Irish School of Herbal Medicine] with a Licentiate qualification in Western Herbal Medicine, Iridology and nutrition.
As a holistic practitioner, Dee applies her skills, experience and focus on nature, combining knowledge of edible and medicinal herbs acquired from her intensive study and culinary career.

Sana Organica approaches healing through balance, achieved by nourishing and restoring vitality. Empowering patients, while supporting the body as a whole using nature's pharmacy.

Dee uses Iridology, a natural (non-invasive) modality to providing clues to a patients health status and functioning of specific organ fields. Sana Organica’s holographic approach to healing and wellbeing combines lifestyle consideration, therapeutics, diet, stress management, and herbal protocol.


Dee Lynch HM, Ir. Sana Organica

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